I am very pleased to announce that my first educational video titled, ‘Learning Classifier Systems in a Nutshell’ is now available on YouTube in HD, and with closed captions. This video takes viewers inside a rule-based machine learning algorithm to demonstrate just how they work. It is targeted to students, teachers, and researchers that may be interested in understanding or communicating the basics of these advanced machine learning approaches. For friends and family, this video should be accessible enough for the lay-person to get a basic understanding of what I do, and a methodology that I have come to believe will be an important part of the future of data mining and machine learning in and outside the domain of complex heritable human disease research. This video has been a two-year, side project and has hopefully paved the way for some other educational videos to be produced later down the line. If you enjoy this video, please like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel, so that you can more easily find future releases.

As recipient of a Neukom Institute research grant this video was made to publicize my research project seeking to deal with the problem of genetic heterogeneity.