Video Editing

Lost Scout Productions and the S-Town Movie Series

At the beginning of undergrad, I began filming my friends pretty much whenever we’d get together.  After tour friend, Rob Silk, tragically passed away, I found that there was plentiful footage of him and decided to start putting together some video memorabilia.  What stated out as a way to share memories of our friend, became something of an ongoing tradition including a series of S-Town videos I created under the name of Lost Scout Productions.  At the time, S-Town was slang for our hometown, Sherman, CT.  This “Preview” below is the only part to get posted to YouTube since most of the footage and content is only interesting to the people we grew up with as a glorified home-video. The video quality is poor, but the good times are clear.

S-Town Editors Cut

The end result of the S-town project was a ‘final cut’ wherein I succinctly combined the best parts of the three S-Town videos: S-Town, S-Town Underground, and S-Town’d.  Being that this movie included real footage of many different individuals from my hometown, the full version is only privately available upon request to friends and for those individuals in the film.  For the Dropbox download link, please email me directly.


Andy Atkinson (Star Wars Song)

I’ve been a big fan of my friend Andy’s original songs since i first met him.  Here’s a fun little Star Wars song that he wrote to which i put together the following video.